User Guide

Your first steps in PushPushGo

Website integration

After creating the project, you will be redirected to a subpage with its settings, along with a message informing you that the integration code on the page is missing.

There are two ways to integrate the page:

  • simple integration
  • integration with your own domain


Simple integration

The most simple way to integrate a website is to paste one line of code anywhere in the page's source code. After pasting the code, your site will be integrated and after clicking the Check integration button, the error message should be replaced with information about the correct integration.


Remember that when choosing a simple integration:

  • Sign-up for notifications takes place in two stages. After accepting the subscription form, a new window will appear in which subscribers must confirm their consent to receive notifications.
  • Recipients are registered on a subdomain dedicated to each project at
  • Notifications will display the dedicated subdomain

Integration with your own domain

In the PushPushGo application it is also possible to integrate with your own domain. This allows recipients to subscribe to notifications with one click. In addition, only the url of the integrated domain appears in the sent notifications, without the address.

This integration method is possible only for the https domainsTo check if our domain allows this type of integration, just click Check SSL certificate.


If the message informs you about valid SSL, you can integrate with your own domain by following steps below:


1. Download the zip package

Downloaded package will contain two scripts: manifest.json and sw.js.


Place scripts on your server

Ask your IT to place those two scripts on your server. Very important is to put them in the server root path, so they can be accesible from links:


3. Place scripts in the HEAD section

Copy code and paste it into the head section of your website.



4. Save integration

Don't forget about saving the integration.



Congrats, you have made it!

Now your users can subscribe within one click and they will not see domain in notifications. 


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