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Automation - Long absence

Every subscriber that hasn’t visited your site in a certain amount of time gets an automatic reminder notification.

Collecting data

In this scenario, you don’t need any additional selectors because PushPushGo monitors when and how many times subscribers visit your page.

Additional fields

To activate this scenario, we will need to first create additional fields for subscribers that will save the date of their last visit to a given page.

Go to the Subscribers tab, click on Custom Fields button and then add a field for the date of the last visit.


Remember to set field type to Date.

Web push automation

Designing the scenario

This scenario will be composed of two sub-scenarios. In the first we will update the date of the last visit and in the second we will check to see when the last date was and send a reminder notification.

Go to the Automation tab in the Main Menu and create a new automation. Select the start of a session as the action. The only step that needs to be added in this automation is Action -> Update. Next, in the editing step, change the last visit field to Current Date.

Web push automation

When finished, save and activate the automation.

The second step will be creating a scenario with a reminder notification.

In Automation, select the New Automation option again. The trigger action here will be finishing a session. The next step will be a Delay of, for example, 30 days.

Web push automation

Web push automation

Now create a condition that checks to see if the date of the last visit to the page is equal to the time set for the Delay (30 days in this example).

Web push automation

On the True path, there will be subscribers who have not been on your site for at least thirty days (again, in this example).

For them, select the Action option and PUSH and prepare your notification. The False path will contain those subscribers who have visited within the last thirty days and therefore will not receive the notification.

Web push automation