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Automation - Abandoned cart

Customers begin a transaction in your online store but don’t complete it. You want to send them three different notifications depending on the value of the cart they left behind and tag all of them with “abandoned”.

Collecting data

For this scenario, you have to be sure that only subscribers who abandoned a cart will receive a notification. Two selectors will be needed for this.

Selector 1

This selector is necessary to divide those who placed something in a cart from those who did not.

To accomplish this, the application has to check if the cart value of a particular subscriber stayed at zero of if it changed.

In the Wizard, mouse over the cart value. You will then see if the value in the Wizard is the same as that on the site.

Web push automation

If they are the same, press “shift” and “a” on your keyboard and save the selector under a name like “change in cart value” and click the “sync” button to add the selector to the project in a new window.

Web push automation

Selector 2

The second selector divides subscribers who advanced to the Thank You page - that is, those who completed a purchase - from those who did not because they abandoned their carts.

The selector has to distinguish between those who completed a purchase and those who did not. To activate this selector, go to the Wizard and mouse over the final button that customers must click to confirm a purchase. Save the selector by holding “shift” and “a”, give it a name and click “sync” to add it to your project.

The parameters of the selector should be as below.

Web push automation

Designing the scenario

When these two selectors are ready, it’s time to go to the Scenario Creator by clicking “New Automation” in the Automation menu.

Give the scenario a name and enable it with the slider. You can determine how many scenarios apply to a given subscriber.

Remember that this scenario is activated after the session is over, 30 minutes after a subscriber leaves the page. You can extend this time by selecting the “Delay” option.

Click the blue “Next” button and select “Conditions”.



From the drop-down list, choose the selector you’ve just created and set the condition that it must be greater than zero. This allows you to distinguish between those who added something to a cart and those who did not.

For the second selector, set its condition to False.

On the True path - that is, those who left a cart behind - select Action then Tag and set it to “abandoned”.


On the Next path, add a Delay step and set it to, for example, 4 hours.


Finally add a Push action on the Next path and prepare the appropriate campaign.


The final scenario should look like this:



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