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Welcoming message

If you want to thank new subscribers for signing up for your web push notifications, you can do it in a very simple way.

Send a welcome message that your subscribers will receive immediately after signing up.

In this message you can:

  • thank subscriber for choosing to stay in contact with you.
  • send a special discount code, for example, THANK YOU.
  • redirect to a page with a special offer, for example, one only available to new subscribers.

How to configure the Welcome message automation scenario:

1. In the Dashboard, go to the Automation tab and click the New automation button.

2. In the Scenario Wizard, fill in the Automation name field, e.g. Welcome message.

3. For the trigger event, select “Subscribed”.

4. Leave the Renew Flow Time unchanged.

5. Then click on the Next button in the scenario tree.

6. In the next window, select the Action > Push option.

7. Next, click New campaign, and configure the web push notifications according to the guidelines that can be found here: Campaign configuration within the automation scenario.

8. Save the scenario.

9. When finished, check all parameters once again.

10. If you are sure that the notification is set up correctly, click Save changes on the notification form and then Save in the upper right corner.

11. Finally, turn on the scenario with the switch directly below the scenario name.

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