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PushPushGo offers testing tools:

  • Notification subscriptions
  • Automation scenarios
  • Sending campaigns

Subscription tests

In order to check whether you are saved for notifications on a given browser, use the test mode. To enter the site in test mode, add ppg_test_mode=on to the link and refresh the page. For example, on the fictitious website www.mypage.coml, the link would look like this:

The green panel at the bottom of the page indicates that you are able to enter test mode. It contains information about whether you are already subscribed to notifications, our subscriberID and test tags that have been marked.


Test automation scenarios

In test mode, you can also see buttons like Start Session and End Session. Clicking on them triggers the automation scenarios that were created in the account in preview mode. This lets you conveniently test the operation of selected automation scenarios.

Campaign tests

When creating a campaign manually, it is possible to send test notifications to any device. This allows you to see how the notification will appear on laptops, phones and tablets.

The first step, which only has to be done once, is to go to the site in the preview mode and enter a tag in the appropriate field that will determine which device you are saving from. You can add a tag in the example schema: name-browser-device. The preview mode works on both desktop and mobile devices.


The next step is to select test tags when creating the campaign and sending the test. Just go to the Send campaign -> Push tab. On the right side of the wizard, you'll find the Test Notification section. Under the green "Send to this browser" button, you will find a place where you can enter your individual tags which have previously been used on your devices. Click the "Count" button because the test campaign can be sent to a maximum of 10 recipients. 

After recalculation, you will see the option to save the project and send a test notification to the tags you entered.

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