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Each user of your site who has agreed to receive web push notifications is automatically visible in the Subscribers tab in the PushPushGo panel.

Right from the start, you have basic data about each subscriber: 

  • browser from which he subscribed to notifications
  • operating system
  • location
  • time zone
  • the date of recording for notifications
  • the date of the last visit to the site
  • activity status

Additional fields

If you want to store other information about your recipients in the future, you can now add additional fields such as first name, last name, age, last viewed category, etc.

To do this, click the Additional fields button on the Recipients tab and add any fields by selecting one of the following types: Text, Numerical value, Date, Yes / No value, depending on what information you want to save.

The list of all recipients along with any additional fields you add can be downloaded at any time using CSV export.

Activity status

Current status is an important part of the information you have about individual subscribers. It determines if they can receive our notifications or not. We only distinguish two statuses: Active and Lost. 

An active recipient is one to whom we are able to send a notification.

A lost recipient is one that we can not send notifications for a variety of reasons:

  • They unsubscribed using the browser settings
  • They uninstalled the browser
  • They uninstalled Service Worker in the browser (this happens while cleaning the browser settings)

Collecting data about the recipient

The data on the recipient can be updated in two ways:

  • updating of additional fields in automation
  • tagging that will be used to better target manual campaigns

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