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Your first steps in PushPushGo

Project integration

In the Integration tab there are additional options that will allow you to personalize your integration settings:

  • Your company's logo as the default notification graphic
  • The basic color of your brand
  • The name of the project that is visible to recipients
  • Sending events to Google Analytics and sending events via Data Layer
  • Turning integration and preview mode on and off
  • Default notification settings

Your logo

The image you upload will be edited into a square and will display:

  • as the default graphic in each notification you send (you can change it at any time)
  • in the window confirming the sign up for notifications on the recipient's page

The graphics you use must be a square (size does not matter) of no more than 200 KB. The file formats you can use are: JPG or PNG.

The basic color of your brand

The choice of the basic color of the brand will allow you to even better match the integration with PushPushGo to the appearance of your website, which makes it more trustworthy and more effective in convincing recipients to subscribe.

The brand's color is visible:

  • on the buttons in the subscription form and inbox
  • on the bell symbol on your website

The name of your project

The name of your project is visible to your recipients when they subscribe to notifications—you can change it at any time.

Sending events to Google Analytics and sending events via Data Layer

With these options, you can submit more advanced information to your Google Analytics panel or capture it through Data Layer. This can include information like:

  • number of clicks to sign up
  • number of clicks to block it
  • number of clicks to close it
  • how many people clicked Allow in their inbox
  • how many people resigned from the inbox level
  • how many people clicked on the bell icon

You can find more information about Events in Google Analytics here.

If you use several trackers in your Analytics, you can enter the name of the tracker where events are to be sent in the field next to the checkbox. By entering the name of the tracker, events will be sent as follows:

Activating and deactivating integrations

If you want your subscribers to temporarily not see the subscription form, all you need to do is to switch the integration settings to OFF. You can turn it back on at any time.

Preview mode

If you want to see what the signup form and other PushPushGo widgets look like on your website, but you do not want them to be visible to visitors, turn on the preview mode.

Then, when you click on the yellow message below, all items will be displayed to you but will not be visible to other visitors to your website.

Default notifications

Sometimes, due to technical reasons, the campaign you plan cannot be sent and recipients receive a default notification with the text "Your site has been automatically updated". This is due to the way the browser works and we have no influence over it.

However, in order to give recipients a more informative message, you can set your own content for automatic notifications in the fields below, like "We have updated your web push notification settings."

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