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Motivate to start

Thanks to the Motivate to start scenario, you will be able to:

  • promote special offers
  • increase sales
  • inform customers about things like free delivery dates

Mechanic scenario: A subscriber just came to your website and a few seconds later he will receive a web push message from you with information about a current promotion or free delivery offer.

How to configure the Motivate to start scenario:

Configure the scenario tree:

1. In the Dashboard, go to the Automation tab and click the New automation button.

2. When the Scenario Wizard appears, fill in the Automation name field with, for example, Motivate to start.

3. As a Trigger event, select Session start.

4. Define the Renew Flow Time. We recommend three days.

5. On the scenario tree, click Next.

6. In the next window, select the > Delay option and define how much time after entering your site that subscribers should receive a notification. Our recommendation - immediately or one minute later.

7. On the scenario tree, click Next.

8. In the next window, select the > Action>Push option.

9. Next, click New campaign and configure the web push notifications with the guidelines you find here: Configuring campaigns in automation scenarios.

10. Next, click Save in the upper right corner.

11. Save the scenario.

12. When finished, check all parameters.

13. If you are satisfied that the notification is properly configured, click Save changes on the notification form and then Save in the upper right corner.

14. Finally, activate the scenario using the switch just below the name of the scenario.

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