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Promotional code for future purchase

Using the Promotional code for future purchase scenario, you will be able to:

  • thank your customers for making a purchase in your store
  • encourage them to make additional purchases
  • build customer loyalty

Mechanic scenario:  Your subscriber has made a purchase in your store. A few minutes later, he will receive a web push notification thanking him for choosing your store along with a rebate code for a future purchase.

How to configure the Promotional code for future purchase scenario:

1. In the Dashboard, go to the Automation tab and click the New automation button.

2. When the Scenario Wizard is displayed, fill in the Automation Name field.

3. For the Trigger event, select the End of session.

4. The Renew Flow Time set, for example, for 1 day.

5. In the scenario tree, click Next.

6. Select the option> Condition.

7. Click Add condition and select from the drop-down list Field:

  • >visited subpage >contains >fragment of URL Success Page eg. /thanks for your purchase

8. Save the scenario.

9. Finally, check all parameters again.

10. If you are sure that the notification is configured correctly, click the Save changes button on the notification form, and then click Save in the upper right corner.

11. Finally, enable the scenario with the switch directly below the scenario name.

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