Find out how web push notifications work and discover their marketing potential

Subscriber segmentation — what it is and what it’s for?

Segmentation is the foundation of sending effective web push campaigns. Learn how to do it in the most effective way!

2019-11-244 min
How to get customer feedback?

Do you remember the last time you actually asked for the client’s opinion? Or the last time you shared it? Even if you do, learn how to collect feedback in the most effective way.

2019-11-185 min
More user-friendly notifications - Firefox changes the sign-up process for web push

The Firefox team has announced they plan to introduce improvements in the process for signing up for web push notifications. Learn what is going to change.

2019-11-143 min
Effective KPIs to Track in Ecommerce

In this progressive tech landscape, you’re probably not lacking any data that gives you the insight into what’s working for your company. But let’s go back to the basics for a second: you need to make sure you know what signs to watch!

2019-11-073 min
7 mistakes you make when sending web push notifications

No one was born a web push master. Thanks to this article you will find out how to become one.

2019-10-284 min
5+5 hacks for writing web push notification copy that converts

Copywriting in web push plays a huge role. Learn which rules are worth following and what mistakes it's better to avoid.

2019-10-164 min

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