User Guide

Your first steps in PushPushGo

Welcome message

Thanking new recipients for subscribing and perhaps sending them some kind of discount code is a familiar and proven strategy. Such welcome notifications work best when sent immediately after subscribing.

In your PushPushGo account, the welcome message can be configured using the Automation module. To start, go to the Automation tab and create a new scenario.

Scenario settings

After entering the scenario creator, give it a name and mark the trigger event: subscribed.

Tree design

In this scenario, click the Next button and then in the window, select Action> Push

This will add a new step that is responsible for sending the notification. Under this scenario, the option to create a new campaign will appear. After clicking the New Campaign button, its parameters should be set and then the changes should be saved.

After saving the campaign, you should also save the whole scenario.

Each scenario is disabled by default. In order for the notifications to be activated, they must be enabled by using the switch directly below the scenario name.

The tree of the ready scenario should look like this:



Next scenario, Special Promotions >