User Guide

Your first steps in PushPushGo

Project settings and sharing

In the Settings tab there are several useful options worth paying attention to during integration: 


Project logo


It's square sized image, that will be displayed:

  • as the default notification icon,
  • in the window confirming the recording for notifications.


Primary color


Set the basic color of your brand used for pushpushgo widgets:

  • buttons on the Signup form and Recipient inbox
  • round button displayed in the corner of the website when Recipient box or Subscription manager widget is enabled.


This option helps to better visually integrate the signup form with your site, giving it a more professional appearance and increasing user trust. 


Disabling integration


The fastest way to temporarily disable integration (to prevent, for example, visitors from viewing the form) is to switch the Integration switch turned to “Off”.


Enabling preview mode

If you want to see what the sign-up form and other PushPushGo widgets look like on your website, you can turn on the preview mode. When you click on the preview link, you will see all the elements but they will not be visible to other visitors to your website.



Google Analytics events

If you want to use Google Analytics to analyze the reactions of users to notifications, use the functionality of GA Events in our system. You can read more about the Events in Google Analytics here.


By marking the appropriate checkbox in the project settings you agree to send events to Google Analytics, such as:

  • how many people clicked to “allow” in the subscription form
  • how many clicked on “block” in the recording form
  • how many closed the subscription form
  • how many clicked “allow” at the inbox level
  • how many at the inbox level
  • how many clicked on the bell icon

If you use several trackers in your Analytics, you can enter the name of the tracker to which events are to be sent in the field next to the checkbox. By entering the name of the tracker, events will be sent as follows:

ga('trackername.send', 'event', 'web push', 'subscribe', 'form-default' ) 



Project Sharing

To be able to share access to a given project to a selected user, he must first have an account in PushPushGo and provide you with his unique ID.

The user ID can be found by selecting Account settings from the menu in the upper right corner of the screen (next to your photo).



It is a string of characters that is next to your name.



Once you have a user ID you want to share access to a project, select Account settings from the menu in the upper right corner of the screen (next to your photo) and in the next window select the Access Manager option.


Next, click the Share project button and enter the user ID to which you will share the selected project and save the changes. Soon, you will be able to give different levels of permissions on a given project by selecting the option Personalize permissions.



After logging in to the account, the user with whom you have shared the project will see it in the list of all projects in the main menu.



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