User Guide

Your first steps in PushPushGo

Opening an account

Go to:

After logging in to the application for the first time, there will be a notification on the pulpit about a lack of created projects in your account.


Click the Create project button to enter basic info about your website and get integration code.

Keep in mind that from the moment of registration, you have 14 days to test all functionalities
at no charge. Add the PushPushGo code to your page, start collecting subscribers and send test campaigns right away!


Creating a project

After clicking the Create project button, you will be redirected to the form for a new project. Just enter the name of the project, online address and integration language of the page.


Here are three things to bear in mind for this stage:

  • The project name will be visible to visitors to your page
  • You don’t need to include “www” in the URL address
  • The language you choose influences the default text of our widgets that visitors to the page will see


Next step - Pinning code to the page >